Safety Tips for When There's Ice on the Sidewalk

During the winter months, snow and ice are a common occurrence as are icy roads and sidewalks with ice on them. Slipping on icy surfaces can cause an array of injuries and embarrassment. Therefore, it is useful to know how to be safe when there is ice on the sidewalk so you don’t get hurt or surprised by an unexpected slip.

Wear Shoes with Adequate Traction

The more traction you have on your shoes, the less likely it will be that you will slip and fall because of ice. Flat-soled tennis or casual shoes create very little friction when you step on an icy patch—they slip and glide over ice like a hockey puck. Thick-soled boots are the best combatant against icy sidewalks; the more traction the better.

Walk on Fresh Snow Instead of Compacted or Icy Snow

If you’re walking on an incredibly icy sidewalk, it is usually safer to walk in the fresh snow surrounding the pavement instead of the actual sidewalk. Fresh snow provides much more traction and will cushion your steps. The fresh snow is compacted under your feet as you step on it, keeping your body in place.