Salt Water Pool Maintenance: 5 Ways to Keep Salt from Building Up on the Side Salt Water Pool Maintenance: 5 Ways to Keep Salt from Building Up on the Side

Salt water pool maintenance does not require as much cleaning as a standard chlorine pool, but there are a few problems that may make it harder to clean. There are different methods to keeping your pool clean and maintained. To keep salt from building up on the pool walls, the proper maintenance must be done for the pool to stay clean at all times.

1. Checking Salt Levels

Learn where the salt level should be just in case there is an issue. These levels should be checked often. If the salt levels drop too low, the pool water will not be able to produce chlorine. Salt concentration should fall anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 parts per million. Some pool systems have a level indicator of some sort in the pool. If the indicator shows a low salt level you can use a salt test kit just to make sure it is not a false indicator before you add any more salt.

2. Cloudy Water or Gray Build Up

Chlorine still exists in your salt water pool even though you do not actually add it in there; so the pool water should still be clear. If the water is dirty or cloudy, the filter will need to be cleaned. If for some reason the water still appears cloudy, the calcium levels in the water will need to be checked. Although commercial products are not used for pool maintenance, a commercial product may be needed to get calcium levels back where they should be. The water will still need to be treated as well or calcium will clog up the entire pool system and that will lead to more problems. It is important to always look for calcium build up. When the water is hard, this will happen.

3. Greasy Water

If the pool water is greasy or oily, it means a lot of people have been using it. The oils in your skin can cause problems with the water. To clear up this scum, you will need to find and read labels of the products you use. Some of the scum caused by skin products are not fit for salt water pool systems.

4. Water Pump

If salt from the pool gets in the water pump’s filter, it can cause a build up in the pump and make it crystallize. This can cause the water pump to malfunction or possibly have a motor burn out. You will have to buy a new pump if this happens. To avoid the salt from crystallizing, it is important to clean the water that comes to or from the pool system every few months.

5. Adding Salt

All salt products are not meant to be used the same. Normally salt will be used regularly. Although most pool manufacturers will advise you to dump the salt in the deep end; that is not how you will use all of the salt products. The instructions should be on the back of the pool care product to advise you.

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