Salt-Free Water Softener Explained

A salt-free water softener is the newest addition to the water softener family. Unlike a traditional water softener, the salt-free version uses nanotechnology to convert dissolved magnesium and calcium into microscopic crystals.

What Does Salt-Free Water Softener Do?

The best part about salt-free water softener is that it does not actually react with the water. The crystals do not stick to pipes or any other medium it rests in. Another great aspect is that it does not react with detergents and soaps; it is like it isn’t even there.

Why is it Becoming Popular?

Studies have shown that one household can deposit around 500 pounds of salt into the ground a year from water softener flushing itself out. This is not a very eco-friendly approach. The salt-free water softener system offers a green approach to combat hard water.

Using a salt-free water softener can also help reduce costs in the long run, because the softener cancut down the need for repair to damaged pipes.