Salvaging An Old Chest Of Drawers Salvaging An Old Chest Of Drawers

An old chest of drawers can be a great conversation piece, and can add intrigue and attractive storage to any room. If you run across an old set that needs some TLC, you can salvage the old piece and convert it to a functional piece that your whole family can enjoy.

Determine the Damage

A chest of drawers that just needs a little sanding won’t be as complicated as one that needs all new hardware, runners or drawers. Before you decide whether or not to salvage the chest, take a good assessment of what kind of work it needs. It may not be worth the money, time and effort.

Update the Hardware

One of the best ways to give an old chest an updated look is through the swapping out of hardware. You can find great pulls and handles online or at stores that specialize in furniture restoration. This is a good way to keep the old look to the drawers while keeping the hardware functional.

Sand and Refinish

As long as you aren’t holding onto a piece for the monetary value, you may want to consider refinishing the drawers. This can be achieved with a simple hand sander or fine sandpaper and some elbow grease. Sand the damaged finish off and just restain the drawers to any color you desire.

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