Sandbox Site Selection and Ground Preparation

A sandbox can provide hours of fun for your children. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to assemble. Anyone with basic DIY skills can create their own sandbox, but for those that may be lacking in this area, there are a wide number of sandbox kits for sale. Before you take out the hammer and nails, it is vitally important to establish a good location for the sandbox and prepare the ground effectively.

Know the Dimensions

If you’re purchasing a ready-made sandbox kit, you’ll need to know ahead of time if you have space in your back yard to accommodate it. If you are making your sandbox from scratch, it can be designed to fit whatever space you have available. In either case, an essential element to selecting the site is choosing an area is big enough to accommodate your plans. Do some preliminary measuring to avoid unneeded trips to the store and disappointment for the kids!

Think Long-Term

Sandboxes are usually temporary items. Once children get older, they will move onto more sophisticated toys or activities. This means that the sand box will need to be removed before you can return your yard to its original function. Keep this in mind when choosing your site. Try to choose an area that can easily be covered with lawn or reconverted back into a garden.

Consider the Sun

Sandboxes are out in the open, which means your child’s exposure to the sun and ultra-violet rays will increase. If at all possible, try to place the sand box in an area where there is some shade, like under a tree. This way, the exposure to the sun will be minimal.

Make the Shape

Once you've chosen your spot, begin preparing the ground. If your sandbox is going to be a traditional square, then use twine or string to help keep it straight. Other shapes may require some extra digging into the ground.


Once the shape has been created, the soil and grass need to be removed. It will most likely have to be dug out with a shovel and could take some time depending on the amount of earth to be removed. The ground may have to be leveled as well.

Laying Fabric

Even though you've dug out the grass and weeds, this doesn’t mean that they will not return. Unwanted grass and weeds growing through the sand box will spoil its look and take some of the fun away for children. Weed fabric is widely available at most garden centers and will prevent this from happening. Simply lay the fabric on the ground before you add the sand. Other forms of plastic can be used as well, but weed fabric tends to work the best. It can also be reused once the sandbox is dismantled.

Build the Box

Once the site has been selected and the ground adequately prepared, you are ready to build the sandbox. Create it according to the plans and enjoy.