Sanded Grout Installation Techniques Sanded Grout Installation Techniques

Sanded grout is used to reinforce concrete and seal joints or voids, like in between tiles. It is made up of a mixture of water, sand, gravel and cement. Sometimes, sanded grout has a color tint to it. It is applied in a thick liquid form like mortar and hardens as it dries.

Sanded Grout Installation

Wipe the tile surface clean with a grout sponge first. Make sure all spacers are also removed. Dampen the surface with water. Hold the rubber grout float at 45 degree angle and apply the grout into the joints, filling them completely. Use the grout float to remove excess grout. Use the tool’s handle to tap the joint, which will help pack the grout. Be sure that the grout is not just sitting on top of the joints. 

Fuller Installation

Dry grout powder can be applied over the surface right after grouting for fuller joints. When the grout begins to darken, use a cotton cloth to pack the joint. Clean the tile face. When grout firms, a haze will appear on the tiles. Wipe the haze and clean all grout that remains on the surface of the tiles. A dry towel can be used to buff the remaining haze after 24 hours.

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