Sanding Wood Floors Sanding Wood Floors

Wood flooring has again become extremely popular.  Sanding wood floors is a necessary step to bring old floors back to life.  Sanding wood floors can be extremely laborious, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can do it yourself.

Using the right equipment is key in properly sanding wood floors.  Doing it on hand and knee manually is almost impossible. 

There are Two Major Types of Machines Used in Sanding Wood Floors:  Disk Sander and Belt Sander.

• Disk Sander

A disk sander is the perfect tool to use for quickly and professionally sanding wood floors.  A disk sander typically has four pads, one on each corner, in which you attach different grades of sandpaper to achieve different results.  Usually you will start with a very rough sandpaper when sanding wood floors, and then get the finish smooth with finer sandpaper.

• Belt Sander

A belt sander looks much like a disk sander, but has a belt covered with sandpaper.  Sanding wood floors in this manner sands the grain in straight lines instead of in circles like the disk sander.  When sanding wood floors with a belt sander, you may find the major sanding goes more quickly, but you will not be able to sand right up to the edge of the baseboard.  You can also rent an edge sander, which is a small version of a disk sander, to sand the parts the large belt sander doesn’t reach.

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