Sandstone Paver Patio Construction: 5 Tips Sandstone Paver Patio Construction: 5 Tips

For patio construction, sandstone pavers are ideal for most climates. Their handsome coloring and ease of cutting make them simple to use. Note these 5 tips to build your sandstone patio easily and effectively.

Tip #1: Lay Out Sandstone Pavers on Grass

Lay out your pavers on the grass and finalize the layout before you build a base. Choose nearly identical pavers, or go for a range of sizes.

Tip #2: Start Your Paver Layout at the Border

Lay and fasten the sandstones in place around the border of your layout and work toward the center.

Tip #3: Use Slightly Dry Cement As a Base

Put in 2/3 of the water called for in the portland cement mix to be placed under each sandstone paver. This slightly dry cement forms a more solid bond with the sandstone than wet cement.

Tip #4: Let the Sandstone and Cement Dry Thoroughly

Allow an overnight period of 12 to 16 hours for the sandstone-cement bond to dry thoroughly.

Tip #5: Fill the Gaps Completely

Mix up a batch of the slightly drier blend of cement described above, to serve as grout between the pavers, and press it into the gaps firmly. Wipe off all excess cement from the surfaces of the pavers with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth.

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