Sanitary Fitting

A sanitary fitting is a special fitting of any number of difference designs manufactured for the purpose of directing waste products from drain-waste-vent lines downward.

The Different Types of a Sanitary Fitting

A sanitary fitting come in a variety of different types and styles and the one to use depends on the application. Some of the more common types include Pipe Fittings, and PVC Pipe Fittings.   A sanitary fitting is manufactured using a variety of materials and comes in a number of different shapes and sizes. Standard Sanitary Fittings are generally manufactured using either copper or more commonly now, Stainless Steel. Using stainless steel helps to ensure a longer life due to a lower tendency towards Corrosion.

A sanitary fitting is also frequently manufactured using Polyvinyl Chloride also known as PVC piping. PVC piping is actually a heavy plastic which offers certain advantages over metal. The key advantage PVC offers is the fact that it does not suffer from corrosion as metal does. Stainless steel greatly reduces the risk of corrosion but it does not entirely eliminate it.