Satin Paint vs Semi Gloss Paint Satin Paint vs Semi Gloss Paint

Satin paint creates a lovely sheen on walls in your home and offers a good contrast. If you are thinking of decorating your house and considering what sort of paint you may choose, you have a bounty of options. There is satin, flat and semi-gloss among lots of others.

Satin Paint

This paint offers a warm, homely glow to any wall that is adorned with it. Its appearance is somewhere in between glossy and silk. When you use satin paint it produces a film of paint that can effortlessly be removed later and is easy to paint over, unlike some paints. In contrast, one of the lesser effective reasons against painting with satin is that it can be effortlessly scuffed. Also, if it is washed constantly it will start to fade off the wall and it should not really be scrubbed.

Semi-Gloss Paint

Semi-Gloss paint is usually a water based paint which has a glossy finish. It is not as shiny as oil based high gloss paint but it can be mixed with a flat paint to create a more eggshell look. Semi-gloss paint is extremely easily cleaned. It can be scrubbed easier than satin paint and will not wear down after much cleaning. Although, excessive scrubbing will damage most paint surfaces eventually, so do try to minimize that.


Satin is simple to maintain. As stated, because it is fairly frail, it is not as tough as alternative types of paint. Satin can be scuffed and grazed by house traffic and that can cause it to look tatty, even only a short time after redecorating your house. If you are thinking of repainting any area of the inside of your home, consider carefully where it is best to paint satin.

Semi-gloss paint is significantly harder to ruin. Be advised that semi-gloss is not suitable for all rooms and if you are arranging to use it in an area in which heavy traffic will pass by, consider semi-gloss over satin because semi-gloss is easier to clean. It is also highly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, as it suits their moist atmosphere.


In some areas, you can purchase satin paint for the exterior of your house which is chemically created to endure the weather. However, it can still offer a warm glow that is a recognizable quality with satin paint. Ensure that the surface is appropriately prepared for a satin paint area, such as front doors and windows.

Semi-gloss paint can also be for outside use and is very durable. Suitable for windows, front doors or other outside wood, it will endure well and last a good length of time, if maintained suitably. Semi-gloss paint withstands weather conditions a lot easier than satin exterior paints and so it would be a better choice for wooden outdoor furniture and fittings. There are alternative types of semi-gloss exterior paint, so select warily the best kind for your requirements.

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