Satin Pillow Cases: The Secret to Healthy Hair

If you're tired of waking up and finding copious amount of hair on your pillow, you may want to look into satin pillow cases. These unique pillow cases can prove very beneficial to both your hair and skin.

Disadvantages of Cotton

Traditional cotton pillow cases are notorious for causing split ends and matted hair. This is primarily a result of your hair becoming stuck in one position throughout your entire sleep cycle. This isn't good for your skin, either, as the skin-based creases produced by cotton pillow cases will eventually give way to the formation of wrinkles. If you frequently have your hair done, a single night's rest on a cotton pillow case is liable to ruin a pricey trip to the salon.

Advantages of Satin

In a stark contrast to cotton, a satin pillow case is soft enough to ensure that your hair and skin never become creased, wrinkled or matted. Rather than being stuck in one position all night, your hair and skin will glide smoothly across your pillow, thus eliminating bedhead and dramatically reducing hair loss. For this reason, satin pillow cases are highly recommended for anyone suffering from alopecia and people who have recently undergone or are currently undergoing cancer treatments.