Save Space with a Door Ironing Board

A door ironing board makes it easy to have an ironing board easily accessible all of the time without taking up floor space. Also, with a door ironing board, there’s no need for take up floor space with a full size ironing board.

Decide on a Door
Before you install a door ironing board, you’ll need to know where you plan to use it. If you have a laundry or utility room, then you probably know that you’ll install it there. However, if you don’t, you might use a linen closet door, or a bedroom closet door.

Sliding closet doors work particularly well for these ironing boards, since they don’t swing in and out as you are trying to iron.

Install Over the Door Brackets
On a standard opening door, over the door brackets are easy to install. Simply open the door and hook the brackets on. Measure to find the right width between the brackets and attach in place with double sided tape or screws.

If you are using a sliding door, then you’ll need to take  a screwdriver and remove the sliding hardware from one side of the door so you can slide the brackets on the door. Then reattach the sliding mechanism.

Attach the Ironing Board
Hang the board on the brackets. Be sure you have attached the brackets in the right direction and that you attach the board so it opens out.

Check for Movement
Be sure the closet door still slides properly and adjust brackets if necessary.