Save Warm Air: Vented Dryer Dehumidifier

A vented dryer dehumidifier is a standard dryer with a vent, as opposed to a condensing dryer with a dehumidifier. Vented dryer dehumidifiers save energy and avoid over-heating your clothes.

Why a Dehumidifier?

There are clothing types, such as permanent press or nylons, that do not react well to high heats. They may require special treatment in drying, or they may be dried in an efficient and low heat vented dryer. Additionally, with concerns about energy consumption and lowering carbon footprints, different types of high-efficiency appliances, including this type of vented, dehumidifying dryers, are becoming more and more popular.

How Do They Work?

Dehumidifier dryers maintain a low level of humidity in the dryer, thereby helping the moisture in the clothing to evaporate quickly without very much heat. This allows the clothing to be tumbled and have moisture condensed and removed from the dryer without increasing the temperature in the dry too much. Such dryers may, like a condenser dryer, need a drain hose to complete the venting.

Are they the Same as Condenser Dryers?

Condenser dryers, by contrast, are not vented. However, they, too, operate by reducing the relative humidity in the dryer. These dryers use a heat exchange unit to cool the humid air, condensing the water vapor into a drain or tank, then the dehumidified air is returned to the drying drum.