Save Your Dying Cactus

Keeping a small cactus in your home makes for a great home plant. They are easy to maintain and are not vulnerable to many diseases. However, there are times when they will look very unhealthy. Knowing what to do can help you save your cactus before it dies.

Why Does My Cactus Look Unhealthy?

If your cactus looks unhealthy this is usually just a result of slowed growth due to changes in weather. The unhealthy look is just a by-product of that process.

In Case of Rot

Unfortunately, cactus plants are susceptible to rotting caused by too much water in the pot. If you water your cactus plant a lot, you will begin to notice brown areas of rot. To fix this, simply stop watering the cactus until the soil is dry. You should also cut away the rotted parts.

Plant A New Cutting

If the cactus does not overcome the rot and continues to look unhealthy, then you can take a cutting from a green part of the cactus and start a new plant.