Save Your Hair! It's a Great Fertilizer

It may sound strange, but since hair is organic, you can actually use it as a fertilizer.

Why Does Hair Work as a Fertilizer?

Hair is made up of keratin, a type of protein. When protein decomposes in soil or compost, it releases nitrogen - one of the nutrients plants need to produce new leaves and new branches. 

How Well Does it Work?

One problem with hair as a fertilizer is that it doesn't work quickly. It takes about a month for hair to decompose enough for plants to be able to use the nutrients. So it's better for slower-growing plants like herbs and shrubs.

How Do I Use Hair for a Fertilizer?

If you have potted plants, simply bury some hair clippings loosely in each pot. If you leave it lying on top of the soil, it could blow away too easily.

If you have a compost pile, you can simply toss hair into your compost pile along with your other organic garbage. It will decompose and build up the nitrogen content of your compost.

Be careful not to use clippings from hair that's been processed with chemicals, or is dirty from hair products, since those chemicals could leach into the soil as well and harm your plants. The healthier the hair, the better the fertilizer.