Saving Heat with Dryer Vent Seals

Dryer vent seal are needed in homes with dryers because of ducts connected to the dryers that lead to outside. These ducts are the cause for cold airs leaking into homes and also warm air escaping outside of homes.

Standard Vent Flapper Kit

This type of vent seal might come as the standard when you purchase your dryer. It is a simple sheet metal flapper that closes over the vent to stop air leakage. The disadvantage is that there is need for constant maintenance because lint will clog vent and flap will not close properly.

Indoor Mounting Draft Sealer Kit

This vent sealer is installed indoors so that it is protected from weather damage. The disadvantage is that another vent sealer is needed for the outside vent to keep rodents and pests from entering home through opening and maintenance is still needed for outside vent seal.

Floating Cap Vent Seal

A lightweight plastic cap is attached to the vent. It effectively seals off the opening from rodents and pest and also keeps cold air from leaking in. When your dryer is in use, the hot air from the dryer puts pressure on the cap and keeps it open. When your dryer is not in use, the floating cap settles back down to seal off the vent. The smooth plastic keeps lint from collecting on its surface for easier maintenance.

Dryer vent seals keep out bees, pest and rodents. Clothes will dry faster. The dryer vent will help you keep the temperature of your house stable and help you save money on heating and AC bill up to 10%.