Saving Space with Wall Beds Saving Space with Wall Beds

Wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, named after William Murphy who made the first one, are the perfect answer to any space challenged house. Nowadays, when houses are smaller and space is at a premium, it is not practical to leave a room unused for the occasional guest. Investing in a wall bed will literally provide you with space to breathe. They are also ideal to create the much needed play area in your children’s bedroom or any room that would benefit from being a multi purpose one.


Wall bed sizes range from single to king size. They can be made to open horizontally (side mount) or vertically and they can be built into wall cabinet units that include drawers and shelves for more storage. The beds come in standard size of 200cm length and the cupboard has to be 220cm high and only 60cm deep to accommodate a bed.

Design and Material

Wall beds can be made from hardwood, laminate or MDF in any style that suits your room and your taste, and hopefully your budget.

Sofa Beds vs. Wall beds

Until recently, sofa beds were very much in vogue, but a wall bed is much more comfortable. It can take a mattress which is up to 11 inches thick and can be installed anywhere it is needed. Wall beds have been around since the 1900’s, when Murphy built the first one, but they were cumbersome things and could take only a very thin mattress. Today’s technological advances have made the wall bed into a very practical, user friendly piece of furniture that can go up and down by remote control. Your wall bed can also be your sofa during the day.

Everywhere and For Everybody

You could install a wall bed in the office if your job demands long hours. There are also wall beds for pets.

Some Disadvantages

Installing a Murphy bed can be an expensive venture. It is not a wise enterprise unless you are quite experienced with tools and handy at using them. It is a job best left to the experts who know all the ins and outs of the job.

The bed requires a lift mechanism which can use either a piston or springs, the former being more expensive but more sturdy.  Some also have safety locks so children can’t tamper with them, but these features add to the cost

There are many designs of wall beds on the market but some houses are not suited to accommodate them so the idea of installing a wall bed might have to be discarded.

    There are sizes and prices to accommodate most pockets. Maybe you can’t afford a state of the art wall bed or you don’t need to have it so. Ask an expert to see what your needs really are and if they suit your budget. Hopefully your wish can be made to come true and you can enjoy the new freedom the extra space you gain can give you.

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