Saving Squash Seeds

Preserving squash seeds from your favorite vegetables is not a difficult process. With care and practice, it is possible to use your high-quality squash seeds to grow perfect vegetables the following year.

Choosing Squash Seeds

Before taking any seeds from the squash, mark out the vegetables which appear strongest or most vigorous. These are the best choices for choosing seeds. Take care not to take seeds from weakened plants.

Another problem you may encounter is hybridization. This results from squashes being grown closely together. Varieties such as the acorn squash will mix with spaghetti, summer and pumpkin squashes to produce a mix of both. Seeds will provide a yield of mixed fruits, although this will not affect the flavor of the fruits.

Saving Squash Seeds

Take the seeds from the chosen fruit, rinse under cold water and remove any pulp. Alternatively, put the pulp containing seed into a jar, add water and shake. Once clear of pulp, lay the seeds out to dry on paper. Don’t place seeds on top of each other, as they may stick together.

Leave the seeds to dry for a few weeks, moving the seeds around regularly so that all the parts are exposed to the air. After 2 weeks, place the seeds in an envelope or suitable container and store in a cool, dry place.