Saving the Planet with These Energy Conservation Tips Saving the Planet with These Energy Conservation Tips

There are several effective energy saving tips that all of us can use to conserve energy and save the planet. Energy conservation goes a long way in saving you money, while making the world a better place for future generations.

Top 5 Energy Saving Tips

Listed below are some of the energy saving tips that will conserve the most energy.

  • Check the Doors and Windows in Your Home. Drafts around doors and windows lead to large amounts of energy wastage. Hold a ribbon or string near the edge of a door or window. If it flutters, you have a draft problem and you must install weather stripping to ensure a tighter seal.
  • Avoid Cooking in Small Batches. If you cook often in small batches, a lot more energy is used. A great way to conserve energy is to cook once or twice a week.
  • Carpool or Ride a Bicycle. Cars that transport 1 or 2 people contribute majorly to greenhouse emissions and pollution. If you drive to work, consider carpooling with colleagues who live nearby. Cycling to work is a great way of conserving energy and improving your health at the same time.
  • Buy Energy Star Appliances. Appliances that have energy star ratings are great for conserving energy and saving you money. If you have old appliances that need replacement, recycle them and buy new energy efficient ones.
  • Ensure Efficient Heating and Cooling as Required. In the summer, use a thermostat to set the temperature as high as you can be comfortable with. Lowering the temperature too much will not substantially affect the cooling effect, and will also cost you a lot in terms of energy. The same rule applies for heating during the winter. Ensure that your vents are clean at all times.

Energy Conservation with Freezers

Freezers must be placed in a cool, shaded location, with the required clearance at the back and over the top. Never place the freezer next to the oven or stove, as it will result in substantial wastage of energy. Avoid operating the freezer at a lower temperature than is necessary. A temperature between -16ºC to -18ºC is adequate, and will preserve food well. Defrost the freezer as and when necessary. Avoid opening the freezer too often, or leaving it open for long. When you shut the freezer, ensure that it is closed tightly. If you plan to be away for some time, use all the contents of the freezer beforehand. Clean it and leave it open and unplugged till you return.

Easy Energy Conservation Tips

Turn off all unused appliances. Televisions, DVD players, stereos and gaming equipment can also be unplugged when not in use, to minimize standby power consumed. Avoid using hot water for cleaning utensils or washing clothes. Use low flow faucets and shower-heads to reduce the amount of water being used. When possible, air-dry clothes. Open the drapes during the daytime during winter, to use sunlight to warm up the interior. Close the drapes in the summer when it is warm, to minimize warming. Avoid using a large oven for cooking small meals. Run the dishwasher only when it is fully loaded.

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