Scaling Dollhouse Toys

Dollhouse toys are available different designs and sizes and are usually built using different scale factors. If you want to construct your own dollhouse toys for your dollhouse, you will have to understand the size and scale of the dollhouse that the toys will decorate. When making your toys, it is a good idea to make your dollhouse toys to a standard scale factor to make the job a little easier. You can also purchase dollhouse toys already made to perfect scale.

Simplifying Scale for Kid Play

When you are trying to find toys and dolls for a child’s dollhouse you need only to know if it is a miniature set or a fashion set. The miniature set is for dolls up to six inches tall while the fashion set is for larger dolls such as Barbie and similar sized playtime dolls. Once you know what size you are dealing with than you will be able to find or create the right furniture and toys for the doll house.

Collectors Dollhouse Design

If you are more of a collector of dollhouses and accessories then the simple miniatures and fashion models will not be ideal for you. You can purchase exact replicas of items in small scale or choose to make them yourself. If you want to create realistic Dollhouse Toys for your dollhouse, you should know that it is not an easy task; however, with patience, some basic knowledge of woodworking, the proper tools, it can be accomplished. If you want to build dollhouse toys, you will need to know how scaling works, and how it relates to dollhouses and dollhouse accessories like toys.

How to Choose Furniture

When you are completing a dollhouse to scale then picking out the furniture and accessories could not be easier. All you need to know is the scale model of your collection. If you are using a miniaturized or playhouse version than you will need to pick out furniture and dolls that fit the house correctly. The dolls feet should not hang off the bed and the kitchen sink should not be at their knees. Young children are not very particular about how their dollhouse functions, as long as they can pretend to play house with their favorite doll. However; if you are a collector than the scale will need to be perfect allowing for the dolls to use the furniture just as you would in real life.

Popular Scales for Dollhouse Toys

When shopping, there are different scales of furniture that you will find, the most popular being 1/12 and 1/18 sizes. This means that every one inch is equivalent to 12 or 18 inches. The larger the number the smaller the item, a 1/48 is an inch tall for every four feet of an average sized person. A six foot couch in your normal living room would translate to an inch and a half couch in your toy dollhouse.

Whether you are a dollhouse beginner, designer or a child with a toy, knowing the difference between different scales and how they apply to your doll house will help to ensure you many hours of fun.