Schedule 40 Pipe

Schedule ratings are used to rate how thick and strong a pipe is. Schedule 40 pipe is considered the normal strength and thickness for plastic piping and is generally used for drainage pipes and plumbing systems in residential construction.

What is Schedule 40 Pipe Used for?

Schedule 40 piping is a plastic pipe which is manufactured using the most common specifications for strength and thickness. It can be found in virtually any residential construction site and is used to provide plumbing and drainage for water and waste systems. The main water lines are generally run throughout the residential building using standard PVC pipes with the schedule 40 pipe being used to branch out to the different applications such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and water heaters.

Drainage for waste water is also generally done using a schedule 40 pipe. These pipes will usually run from sink, bathtub and toilets directly down into the waste water system provided. This will vary between sewer and septic depending on the location of the construction and services available.