Scotch Tape

Scotch tape, although a brand name, has become the eponymous title for a particular type of transparent office and light-use tape. Scotch tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, meaning that it requires a small amount of force to fully utilize it. Not the strongest tape available, Scotch tape is nonetheless used for everything from tacking notes to a door or window to light craftwork. Scotch tape is a staple found in offices, classrooms, postal facilities and copy and print shops everywhere, among other places. 


Made of cellophane with an adhesive backing, Scotch tape has been a popular choice for nearly a century. Both the cellophane and the backing adhesive are fully transparent, making Scotch tape ideal for repairing tears in paper products where visibility must be maintained. In addition to the standard variety, double-sided Scotch tape is available as well for more convenient application with certain materials. 

Tape Dispensers

Whereas other tapes such as masking, electrical and duct tape are removed from their rolls in sections when needed, Scotch tape almost always features some kind of dispenser to make access easier. Scotch tape is sold in pre-made plastic dispensers designed just for that purpose. Bulk rolls may also be purchased for use in a weightier desktop dispenser.