Scotia Molding

A scotia molding is a type of molding usually installed under the nosing of each tread of a stair. The Scotia molding hides the joining between the tread and the riser of the stair. The Scotia is also the name of the concave part of a molding such as a crown molding.

Uses for Scotia Molding

Scotia molding is often used with laminate flooring to make the wall and the floor join up smoothly when a wood skirting is not available for the installation. Scotia molding is usually a finished wood molding, and so brad nails, or finished nails should be used in the installation.

Another product that can be used in the installation of Scotia molding is an adhesive, like Liquid Nails. this will hold the Scotia molding tight to both surfaces. if there is any warping or bending of the floor or wall, the adhesive on the Scotia molding will prevent cracks from appearing along the edge.