Scratch Coat Scratch Coat

Have you seen a building under construction? It is very interesting to see the structure coming up and taking shape. The skeleton structure hardly takes any time, but the creating the finished product is really time-consuming, especially from the scratch coat to the finishing coat. There are three coats which have to be put.

Scratch Coat

After sand blasting the walls, the scratch coat is the first to come on the walls. This is a coat of plaster that has wavy scratches or groves to enable the next coat of plaster to bond with it.

Brown Coat

The Brown coat comes on top of the scratch coat and is actually a coat of plaster which gives the walls a rough finish.

The Finish Coat

The finish coat or the stucco renders an attractive and weather resistant wall covering. If a proper scratch coat has been applied initially, the plaster will stick firmly and there will be no cracks in the plaster. The finishing coat will be smooth and long lasting and will not be affected by weathering.


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