A screed is a flat, straight tool used for the purpose of leveling and smoothing concrete or other building materials.

What Options are Available to use as a Screed?

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Any number of objects can be used as a Screed. In the past, no specific tool existed for this purpose so people would frequently use wooden beams to smooth the concrete. This method has a number of problems related to it. Wood tends to be a bit on the heavy side and since the tool will often need to be ten feet or longer; this leads to the need for two people to generally hold the screed.

Wood will also warp over time as it is exposed to concrete which eventually leads to the tool no longer functioning for its purpose. In recent years an aluminum screed was released on the market offering handles and a significantly lighter weight. This aluminum screed weighs twelve pounds at 10 feet in length so it is easily operated by one user. It also has handles to offer an easier grip, and does not warp over time.

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