Screen Door Pet Proofing: 2 Options

Your screen door most likely takes a bit of abuse from the pets in your home. They probably scratch at it to come inside or crash into it from time to time forgetting its presence. In order to ensure that your screen lasts for a long time, consider pet proofing your screen door by using a pet-proof screen and installing a pet door.

Pet Proof Screen

The first option we have to prevent screen damage is to install a pet proof screen. A pet proof screen looks very much like a standard screen, except it is much heavier and durable than standard screen material. It is also thicker and a bit difficult to work with during installation. When you attempt to install it in your door, you will not be able to use the same spline that came with the original screen and you will have to purchase spline material that is a size or two smaller than the original.

The pet proof screen material is generally sold in rolls of 84 inches which is suitable for the screen in a standard sliding glass door, but it can also be purchased in 100 foot rolls as well. The material is indeed pet proof because it resists tears and being casually pushed out by your pet. However, if you have a large dog and he runs full speed into the screen, it is not likely that the screen will hold up.

A Pet Door

The second option to protect your screen door is install a pet door. The door allows your pet to come in and out as it pleases, thereby eliminating his or her need to scratch or even use the screen door to get your attention. The pet door is a good option when it comes to small dogs. With larger dogs, however, you should carefully consider the dimensions because you should have it large enough for your dog, but not too large as to allow intruders a way into your home. Visit your local pet store and hardware store to find the best option for your home as well as your dog.