Screen Doors That Are Perfect For Your Home Screen Doors That Are Perfect For Your Home

A screen door is normally fixed on the outside of a regular door leading to an outdoor space, and is typically lightweight with a mesh screen. It offers some security and protection from the weather, while letting you have visual access to your backyard or porch from the comfort of your home. Screen doors are great for keeping flies and mosquitoes out of the house while letting in welcome daylight and fresh breeze.

While the appearance of the traditional metal mesh screen may put some folks off, screen doors today are available in a range of materials and designs. The type of door you have, how heavily the door will be used, and whether you have young kids using it are some factors that will influence your choice of screen door. Consider the following styles of screen doors to find the one that is perfect for your home.

Hinged Screen Doors

The traditional type of screen door is made of wood or aluminum with a metal screen, and is hinged to the door frame. The door opens by swinging out and can be prevented from slamming shut with the use of a dampener. Hinged screen doors are more child-friendly as they tend to be easier to open and close than sliding or retractable doors. A magnetic fastener helps to secure the door closed. Newer screens made of fiberglass offer higher durability since they do not dent or rust, and are more attractive than their metal counterparts. Vinyl doors that have an internal steel frame are also tough and durable, and can be made to resemble wooden doors.

Sliding Screen Doors

Screen doors that slide along a track are usually installed on the outside of sliding glass doors that lead to a backyard or patio. The advantage to this type of screen door is that it can be fully opened when you wish to allow more air and light into the house. However, sliding screen doors often need to be repaired or replaced when the sliding mechanism gets stuck. The aluminum frame may get dented or bent due to heavy use or harsh weather. When the door is dented, the door seal loses its tightness and insects can fly in around the side of the screen.

Retractable Screen Doors

The newest type of screen door on the market, retractable doors are designed to roll up into their cassette. When not in use, the screen door can be surreptitiously tucked away behind the door frame.  The door is opened by sliding the pull handle across the doorway and is held in place on the other side of the frame by a magnetic seal. Retractable screen doors can be mounted on the inside or outside of a door. An inside mount is ideal for doors that swing outward, while an outside mount is suitable for doors that swing inward, or for a sliding door. Retractable screen doors may be made of aluminum or natural wood, and come in all kinds of colors.

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