Screened Porch: How to Install Flooring Screened Porch: How to Install Flooring

Screened porches are a great addition to homes, essentially creating an indoor feel to a room outdoors.  With the addition of outdoor shades, the screened porch is perfect for entertaining and relaxing while extending the size of the home for little expense. Installing flooring to the area completes the room for a finished, usable look.  There are a few ways to install the floor and several things to keep in mind before getting started.  

Step 1 – Why to Use Concrete

One of the most common materials for screened porches is simply concrete. It is durable, does not require much maintenance, and still has a rustic feel to it-reminding you that you are outdoors without the worry of pests entering and ruining your picnics and entertainment. Concrete flooring will also not require additional staining or sealant on an annual basis due to wear and tear, inclement weather or other bugs and insects creeping in.  

Step 2 – Preparing to Pour Concrete

If you choose to use concrete, start by pouring a traditional concrete slab. Construct a base using wood supports to ensure that the flooring will be level once you are ready to pour the cement. Once you are certain that you have a complete level and that all of the seams in the braces are sealed, add a base coat of gravel to ensure structural integrity and a consistent mixture of cement.

Step 3 – Pouring Concrete

You may wish to do this on your own by mixing it yourself, or if you feel less confident, you can hire a professional to deliver the readymade cement to your home. If doing this yourself, you can use a spare piece of lumbar to spread your concrete and level it before it dries.

Step 4 – Personalizing Your Concrete Slab

Because this will be an extension of your home, you will want to add accents to the cement before it dries. Many home do it yourselfer’s like to score the cement to make designs because there is no pattern that needs to be followed. If you prefer something that is a little more symmetrical, measure out equal distances and score square or rectangular lines in the concrete to create a tiled look.  
To add an even more designer look to your concrete, use a concrete stain to add color to the room. There are many available on the market in a variety of colors that will accent the room for a perfect finish.

Step 5 – Final Adjustments

As your cement is drying (or after, depending on what needs doing), you can make any new adjustments to screens or doors. Sometimes after adding new flooring to your screened porch, height and size adjustments may need to be made to accommodate the flooring. This is especially true if you have a door that you want to be sealed off against the elements. For major things, such as swapping out your old door for a new one, be sure that the cement has completely dried before doing any work.

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