Screened Porch Framing Basics

To frame a screened porch you will be following a process similar to that of framing any room addition. You will have to follow the same basic steps including laying a foundation and placing posts. The finish work, however, is much easier, making the whole process a very doable home project.

Determine Size

Before you build your porch, consider the size you want it to be. The larger the porch, the more it will cost in terms of preparation and materials. The size, however, will not change building processes and techniques.

Lay Strong Foundation

Unlike a foundation for an entire house, with a screened porch you will be setting the posts directly in the cement. Make sure these posts are straight and plumb. They must also be continuous up to the roof. This gives the entire porch more strength.

Place Posts in Regular Intervals

Space the posts 6 to 8 feet apart in regular intervals. Regularly spaced posts are necessary for attaching the screen system.

Secure with Ledger Board

A screened in porch will need a roof to enclose it, which adds weight to the porch itself. You will need to attach the roof to the home with a strong ledger board to distribute some of the load to the main home and foundation.