Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Replacement: Drive Mechanism

What You'll Need
Step ladder
Ratchet and socket sets
Drill bit
Tape measure
Replacement drive mechanism

If you want to replace the screw drive garage door opener in your garage, you will need to know how the door opening system works, including the vitally important screw drive mechanism. The drive mechanism is a device which keeps your garage opener turning, and lifts the steel bar that keeps the door closed when it is not being used. If this part of your screw drive garage door opener becomes damaged, it can be difficult to repair or replace without removing the whole mechanism. In order to properly replace this part of your device, you will need to have some basic home improvement skills and a few handy tools.

Step 1 - Examine the Drive Mechanism

Look carefully at your drive mechanism and make sure that you have read fully the instruction manual for the replacement. You will need to replace your mechanism with one that is similar if not exactly the same in order to make proper use of all the functions. You should be able to find a make and model number on the drive which will help you to find the correct replacement. When you have your new drive mechanism, measure the total length of the screw drive, so you can see whether you will be able to use the holes in your garage wall from the previous device or whether you will need to drill new holes. Place marks on the ceiling where the relevant parts of the drive mechanism are located. Turn off the mains power supply to that part of your garage.

Step 2 - Remove the Drive Mechanism

Using the drill and drill bit, remove all of the screws holding the drive mechanism in place. Hold the part in place while you take off all screws, starting at the top and working down. You may find that you will also need to remove some bolts which can be done with your wrench. Disconnect the drive mechanism from the power source and then unscrew the bolts attaching the wires using your ratchet and sockets.

Step 3 - Replace the Drive Mechanism

Climb up on step ladder and attach your replacement drive mechanism to the screw drive garage door opener device using your ratchet and socket. Connect the power cables and the sensor parts and screw them firmly into place. Add any bolts that are needed to secure your drive mechanism onto the rest of the door opener and then screw them all into position, checking that you have attached all of the parts necessary.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Turn the power back on to the part of the garage in which your screw drive is located and then check that your garage opener works from the outside. Once this is done, you should give the drive mechanism and the gears a liberal dose of oil before you finish, in order to keep the opener working as long as possible.