Screwdriver Bit

The screwdriver bit was a great invention for any mechanic. Before the screwdriver bit was invented you would have to buy individual screwdrivers. This would become very expensive very fast because you were paying for the whole product rather than just the tip. The problem with flathead screwdrivers and even Philips screwdrivers is that they are very easy to strip.

Many screwdriver using professions were losing a lot of money having to replace them so often. When the screwdriver bit finally came out it was the most popular invention of the time for people who used tools on a day to day basis. The screwdriver bit is just the last inch of a normal screwdriver. In other words it’s just the tip. Rather than having to pay for a whole new screwdriver, people could simply buy a universal screwdriver with a bunch of screwdriver bits that would allow them to change out the bits. Not only is this more convenient than having to lug around several screwdrivers, but it saves on screwdriver cost if the heads get stripped.

How the Screwdriver Bit is kept in Place

You would think that something that isn’t attached would be a big problem for users. Usually a screwdriver bit is held into place by a magnet inside the screwdriver. The main reason that there are still normal screwdrivers out there is because these kinds of screwdrivers can’t be used on electronics.