Seagrass Rugs: Three Advantages

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Seagrass rugs combine beautiful warm and natural tones with intricate weaves to create a unique look. Seagrass is a durable fiber that grows in shallow coastal waters. Rugs made of this material can be used as area rugs or to cover the entire floor space in a room. There are several advantages to installing these types of rugs over traditional rugs.


The natural fibers of seagrass rugs hold up very well under heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, the composition of seagrass makes it repel most substances, including liquid and dirt. To further enhance their stain resistance, many manufacturers apply a stain guard during production.

Natural Colors

Seagrass rugs come in such great natural colors that they don't need to undergo expensive dye procedures. Woven rugs come in various shades of neutral colors like beige, green and brown, with numerous variations often contained in the same rug. This difference in shading gives the rug a sense of depth that other rugs can’t duplicate with artificial colors. These rugs are also available in traditional weaves or herringbone weaves depending on your personal preference. When combined with a custom border comprised of cotton, linen, or leather, you get a rug that is truly one of a kind.

Cost Benefits

Traditional Persian or Oriental rugs cost considerably more than seagrass rugs of comparable size and shape. While these rugs offer substantial savings, they do not sacrifice quality to make up the cost difference. These rugs, like their Persian and Oriental counterparts, are handwoven and are assembled by highly skilled craftsmen.

There are real advantages to selecting seagrass rugs over other styles such as Persian or Oriental. Their durability, natural shading, and ability to resist staining make them an ideal choice for heavily traveled areas. You can also take comfort in the fact that these rugs are environmentally sensitive. A rug that saves you money and is extremely durable combines the best of both worlds for homeowners.