Sealing a Marble Tile Countertop: Mistakes to Avoid Sealing a Marble Tile Countertop: Mistakes to Avoid

When installing and sealing a marble tile countertop, you need to avoid certain mistakes that could damage the marble tiles and ruin the appearance of the countertop. A sealant is recommended for marble, as this material is porous and the sealer will protect the material.

Surface Needs to Be Prepared

Before the marble tile countertop is sealed, it will have to be prepared. It needs to be cleaned properly, as otherwise the sealer will not be durable. Marble is a porous material and dirt can easily accumulate, so make sure you clean the surface with a neutral pH solution, which will preserve the material and also remove the dirt and dust. The surface also needs to be levelled before the sealer is applied. If you level the surface, it's easier if this is done before you actually install the countertop.

Allow Sealer to Dry

After you place the sealer, you need to allow the surface of marble to dry before you start using the countertop. If you fail to do so, the sealer will not form a perfect film over the marble and will not protect the surface.

Make sure the area is ventilated, as sealants may be toxic when inhaled.

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