Sealing A Wooden Playhouse

Building a wooden playhouse for your kids is a great idea, but you'll have to protect the wood if you expect it to last. When left exposed to the elements such as rain, mud, snow and sleet, the wood on the playhouse may warp, mildew or rot. Over time, the wood will break down, causing the playhouse to deteriorate.

To prevent the wood playhouse from weathering prematurely, you will need to apply a sealant. Sealant penetrates into the wood of the playhouse, creating a moisture barrier that stops the wood from warping or molding. Some children are also allergic to mold of any kind. Failing to seal the playhouse properly may expose a child to mold allergens, making them ill or unable to use the playhouse.

Sealing your wooden playhouse is really just the last phase of construction, assuring that the structure will be safe and sturdy for years to come.

Benefits of Sealing a Wooden Playhouse

The benefit of sealing a wooden playhouse is that the wood can then withstand snow, wind and rain. Untreated wood, if left outside to face the forces of nature, will quickly begin to rot. Sealing a wooden playhouse is relatively easy, as well. It can be done with most conventional wood sealers sold at your local home improvement store. These sealants can be painted on with a brush like any other wood sealant, in the same manner as sealing a deck.

When to Seal Your Wooden Playhouse

The best time to seal your wooden playhouse is immediately after completing construction, as the kids will not have put anything inside yet. It is also best to seal the wood before applying any paint or other decorations. Be sure to use multiple coats to insure a quality seal. Leave plenty of time between coats as well to let it dry. Once completely dry, you can begin applying paint and other decorations. If sealing the inside, which is a wise idea, you also have to allow plenty of time for any fumes to clear before letting your kids play in the wooden playhouse.

Choosing the Best Sealant for Your Playhouse

Most outdoor wood sealers are fine for sealing a wooden playhouse. These can be found at virtually any home improvement store, and can be either sprayed on or painted on. The painted on sealants generally work a little bit better, as the painting aspect allows you to have a broader coverage of the wood.