Sealing Concrete Countertops: Mistakes to Avoid Sealing Concrete Countertops: Mistakes to Avoid

Sealing concrete countertops can be a very easy task if the proper steps are taken. Appling a sealant is similar to applying stain, so in order to complete the job correctly a few common mistakes need to be avoided.

Apply Even Strokes

When sealing concrete countertops, the first mistake that is made is applying it as if it were basic paint. The fact is that concrete sealers are more like stains, so they have to be applied in much the same way. Always apply the sealant in one fluid motion. Cover an entire area with one stroke up, and then one stroke back. This not only allows you to apply the sealant uniformly, but it reduces the amount of streaks. If concrete sealant is applied slowly in small sections, the streaks will appear after it has bonded to the surface.

Apply a Thick Coat

The second mistake that needs to be avoided when sealing concrete countertops is to always apply a thick coat. A thin coat will not bond to the countertop properly because it will try too fast. This will leave runs and uneven spots within the sealant that will easily be seen by the naked eye. A thick, even coat is needed to ensure even coverage and proper adhesion.

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