How to Apply and Seal Epoxy Grout

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  • 6-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-45
What You'll Need
Epoxy grout
Rubber grout float
Grout sealer

There are 2 kinds of grout that are commercially available on the market. They are furan resin grout and epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is preferred in construction sites and for installing tiles because it is a tough material that can withstand traffic, making it more durable in the long run.

When epoxy hardens, it becomes exceptionally water-resistant. If you plan to install tile, epoxy grout will provide an even better job. Sealing the grout is important for tiling projects, as it secures the tiles in place.

Choose the Right Epoxy Grout

There are many different shades of grout available on the market to allow you to match your grout with the color of your tile. If you have green tiles, you can purchase green colored grout. It’s better to have a dark-colored grout because dirt will be less conspicuous. Remember that dirt will always find a way to settle into nooks.

Prepare the Grout

You will have to cure your grout before you use it. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. While you are waiting for your grout to cure, you can start preparing your tiles. Clean the joints of your tiles with a wet cloth for a neater look. You can also start cutting the tiles according to the dimensions of the room.

Apply the Grout

Use a rubber grout float to apply just enough grout at the back of the tile. Spread the grout on the back of the tile, then press it onto the floor. Have a plan. You can always start at the very middle of the room and work your way to the sides. Once you have set the tile in place, proceed by cleaning the edges of excess grout. By no means should you dig under the tiles; just remove the excess that has squeezed from the tile.

Apply Grout on the Joints

Apply grout between the joints. Simply apply a little grout with the rubber grout float, then press the grout in between the joints in a linear direction. Doing so will push the grout into the joints. Sponge off the excess grout with water before it hardens. Allow the tiles to harden into place.

Seal the Joints

Once the epoxy grout has dried, seal the joints with commercial grout sealant. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean the tiles with a wet sponge to reveal your masterpiece.