Sealing Limestone: 4 Tips and Mistakes to Avoid Sealing Limestone: 4 Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Limestone tiles can add a distinctive look to any floor, wall or fire place, but sealing limestone is key to ensure durability in the years to come. Here are 4 tips and mistakes to avoid when sealing limestone.

Handle with Care

Limestone is very delicate and spills or mishandling can change its appearance. Make sure you treat limestone tiles with extra care to avoid spills. However, if you have any accidental spills, wipe them away immediately.

Use an Impregnating Oil

Thick and heavy sealants can seep into the porous limestone and change its appearance. Instead, use a high quality impregnating sealant, which will protect the limestone and not affect its look.

Apply an Extra Coat of Sealer

If your fireplace is in an area exposed to dust or other outside elements, apply an extra coat of sealer to protect the tile. This added step will reduce the risk of dust or dirt seeping into the limestone.

Use a Penetrating Sealer

There are 2 major types of sealers: topical and penetrating. Topical sealers provide a high gloss shine, but it also results in a shiny surface which is too easy to scratch or damage. Topical sealers also require continuous reapplication. Penetrating sealers do not need to be reapplied and preserve the look of the stone.

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