Secrets to Applying Hardwood Floor Wax

Applying hardwood floor wax is a pretty simple, albeit time consuming task, depending on the size of the floor you will be working with. Before beginning, it is important to make sure that all previous wax is stripped from the floor. It may be necessary to rent a stripping machine for this purpose.

Use the Right Wax for Your Floor

Applying the new wax covering will require the appropriate type of wax for your floor. You will have to know the type of wood you are working with; you can find this out by speaking to a flooring specialist, if you don’t already know. You will also need to purchase a new mop head.

How to Apply Wax to Your Hardwood Floor

Using the mophead, you will begin by applying the first layer to a small section of the floor, making sure the layer is applied thinly. Work section by section, being sure the whole floor gets covered. It is very important to make sure that the first layer is completely dry before starting on the second coat.

In all, you should end up with two to three layers of wax, allowing each coat to dry in between.

To maintain the appearance of your newly waxed hardwood floor, buy and use the correct type of cleaner and use a professional buffer as often as you would have your carpet cleaned professionally.