Secure Modular Shelves to Drywall Secure Modular Shelves to Drywall

What You'll Need
Wall Anchor

Installing modular shelves on drywall creates extra storage space in a home. If you want your modular shelves to hold up the weight of the things you are storing, securing them with drywall anchors is very important. Then, you will be able to put more things onto the modular shelves without damaging the drywall or your things. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions below to secure modular shelves to drywall.

Step 1 – Drill a Hole in the Drywall

Use a drill to drill a hole in the drywall where you want to install the modular shelves. Do not drill a hole that is bigger than the wall anchor because you want the grips of the anchor to be embedded in and hold securely onto the drywall. The anchor will become loose if the hole you drill is too big, and will thus be unable to hold the modular shelves weight.

Step 2 – Install the Wall Anchor

Hammer the wall anchor into the hole you just drilled. Use a screwdriver to insert a screw into the wall anchor. This allows the anchor grips to sink deep into the drywall as the screw pushes the anchor walls out and spreads open the anchor tails for additional support.

Step 3 – Hang the Modular Shelves

Hang the modular shelves based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

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