Secure Stair Railing Installation Tips

Having a secure stair railing is important for safety reasons. You want to make sure your railing is sturdy and can handle a little bit of weight being placed on it. Here are some simple tips to help you ensure you have a safe and secure railing.

Use the Studs
You want to make sure you use a stud finder so you can secure the rail to the wall studs. This will make the railing much more secure and safe for you and your family.

Use Strong Brackets
When you are installing your stair railing, make sure you are using a high quality bracket. It may cost less to find lower quality brackets, but you could pay for it later in injuries and repairs. Spending a few more bucks on a higher quality bracket and ensuring it is secured properly with the right screws is important to have a safe railing.

Securing End Caps
End caps should be nailed and glued. A loose end cap can cause problems and possibly injuries. One you secure the cap with the nails, use the wood glue for added security. This also helps to give it a more even look.

A secure stair railing is an important part of any stairs you may have in your home.