Secure Your Showcase with the Best Lock Secure Your Showcase with the Best Lock

If you have a company with stylish products you can display, it is important to display them in a professional manner, but also in a secure one, and this can be achieved with a reliable showcase lock. You should make your products appealing as possible, but you should never forget about making them secure to prevent possible theft. If you want to secure your showcase with the best lock you need to consider certain features so that you find the best locks.

Designed for Cabinet Doors

The best showcase locks are designed for cabinet doors where typical locks are not practical or suitable. A showcase requires heavy duty locks and bolts and multi-point attachments that help it endure heavy use and abuse. The showcase locks are useful for cabinets and showcases where two sliding doors meet and need to be locked. These high security locks are designed to be installed on applications that need additional safety and protection, beyond the protection provided by the manufacturer's stock locks. 

Construction of Locks

The construction of the showcase locks is of significant importance. Steel and solid brass construction is usual and can be either removable or fixed. Depending on the requirements of the owner, the core of the lock comes with even more secure systems and features. The best and most reliable showcase locks come with anti spread features and solid steel locking bars for maximum safety. 

Patented Program

The locks come with an upscale patented program that prevents the duplication of the key without your authorization. There are master keyed locks, different keyed and patented programs that help ensure the integrity of the system. However, in the case you lose the keys you can ask for re-keying. This is one of the greatest benefits of the showcase locking systems, because the keys can be re-issued only upon request at the authorized service outlets. 

Plunger Locks

Plunger locks are also great for showcases; these locks do not require keys for locking the showcase, you can simply push it in and out to lock it. Although not as secure as the typical steel showcase locks, the plunger locks come with a triple locking action which makes them pick proof. 

Ratchet Locks

The ratchet locks are a good and reliable alternative for show cases. They feature a clamp on ratchet tap that allows it to lock the showcase door, regardless of thickness. They can be used on metal, wood and glass doors, and can be used both on sliding show case doors and on typical display doors. 

Reliable Locks

The most reliable showcase locks feature high density zinc, brass plugs and nickel plated bars. They have rotating tumbler pin systems that make the showcase intrusion proof. 

The showcase locks available in the market today are ideal for different types of showcases, such as medical showcases and cabinets, jewelry showcases, electronics and office showcases. In some cases the locks can be concealed under the showcase construction. 


Security is priority when you have valuable assets or if you simply want to keep your personal things safe as much as possible. Showcase locks can help you maintain high levels of safety in an effective and rather affordable way. 



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