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The personal defense industry has developed a number of easy to use home security products to protect your home and family, alert you to what is going on in your yard and outbuildings, and deter would-be criminals from victimizing your home.

Home security products range in price from just a few dollars to a few hundred. These are a few home security products out of many that are easy to use and install for a relatively low investment that can mean big returns in the safety and security of your home, possessions, and most importantly, your loved ones.

Magnetic Door Alarms

Magnetic door alarms are inexpensive, starting at just a few dollars, and are an easily installed home security device. Magnetic door alarms can be used on any window or door to alert you when it is opened. Magnetic door alarms are somewhat similar to magnetic cabinet and drawer latches. A magnet plate base is installed on one side of a door or window frame, and the alarm (or ‘actuator) is fixed to the door or window itself. When the door or window is opened and the connection between the two halves is broken, the alarm will sound. Magnetic door alarms work on virtually any style of door, including glass doors and sliders that are often vulnerable and hard to protect. Know when someone is trying to come into your home, as well as when little ones attempt to go out.

Breakage alarms

Breakage alarms are home security devices that alert you to just what the name suggests - window breakage. These inexpensive alarms are attached to any window. When an intruder tries to break the window, the vibrations in the glass trigger the alarm, alerting you to danger and scaring away the criminal.

Door Stop Alarms

These home security products look much the same as any other doorstop you might use to keep a door open or to keep one from smashing into the wall behind it. Door stop alarms are wedged behind and beneath the bottom of a closed door; when an intruder tries to open the door or force their way in, a high volume alarm will sound. These alarms often come with an additional feature, a motion sensor that can alert you if someone tries to pick up or move the alarm.

Door stop alarms do not need to be permanently installed. They can be used in any room or location, which makes them excellent personal security devices for travelers to use while staying in hotels and motels away from home. They are battery operated and usually have an on/off switch so they can be safely packed in your luggage without fear of them sounding during travel.

Door and Window Jammers

Door and window jammers come in a variety of forms. These inexpensive home security products do just what they say - jam something from opening. A door jammer may be a long, metal rod made of an unbreakable, heavy-duty metal designed to be propped under a door handle or in the track behind a closed sliding glass door, prohibiting the door from opening. A jammer might also be a clamp installed onto a sliding door or window that keeps it from opening by allowing the door or window to slide freely only to the point of attachment. Other kinds of jamming home security devices are brackets made to be screwed into sliding door faces or tracks of sliding doors to prevent a thief or intruder from lifting the door out of its track and entering your home, often with little noise or sign of intrusion at all.

Motion Detecting Devices

Motion detecting home security devices are beneficial because they are inconspicuous, yet can alert you to the presence of people and animals before they get to your front door. Motion detectors vary in range and coverage; some can alert you only when a person passes directly in front of the security device, while others will be activated by any motion in a room or area of your yard or garage. When motion is sensed, an alarm will sound to let you know something or someone is moving around nearby or in your home.

Some motion detecting alarms can be installed inside the home to sense motion outside the walls. Utilizing radar technology much the same as what law enforcement uses, the system can sense when someone comes within a certain distance of your home (multiple settings for personalizing distance alerts are often featured). At least one such product has an alarm that sounds like a barking dog to frighten intruders. The dog sound increases to sound like an agitated animal as a person moves closer to the alarm. Many of these alarms have alternate settings (pleasant noises or music) that will sound if you simply want to know someone is arriving without scaring your company away.

Motion sensing voice alert systems allow you to monitor one or more sections of your home and yard, and record an appropriate alert for each area in your own voice. Additional sensors can be purchased separately and added to the one base. Cover your driveway, pool, garage, or office, and be informed with the message you recorded when a car drives up, a person is on the front porch, or a curious child has entered the pool area.


Sometimes, all it takes to stop a potential home invasion is the idea that the criminal will be caught. Security system signs and stickers and false security cameras are all part of a dummy-system of home surveillance and protection. For a small amount of money, you can buy very real-looking home protection and surveillance equipment that look just like the real thing. False cables and flashing LED lights make fake cameras look functional, encouraging potential invaders to move elsewhere. Few invaders will stop to make sure security devices are the real thing.

Of course, installing a very real, functional camera is a great way to protect your home and family. The investment in a camera is quite small in the long run, but can give you a very good idea of what goes on around your home and yard whether you are home or not. Cameras often come with remote control options to film on demand, or by motion sensing devices and changes in the filmed area (like when a camera is activated when something moves into the picture frame). Many camera systems are designed to be built upon to cover multiple areas of the home. Surveillance devices can alert you to potential crime problems even before they become real threats, such as filming frequently suspicious persons that may be casing your neighborhood or home prior to an actual break in.

Other Protection Products

Technology provides us with new and inventive ways to protect ourselves and our homes every day. Here are two final products worth considering to keep your home and possessions safe from harm.

Volumetric alarms sense changes in the air pressure of a room or on a given floor of your home. When a door or window is opened, the air pressure changes and an alarm will sound. Use volumetric devices to tell you when unexpected visitors enter, spouses or children come in, or youngsters are heading out without your knowledge. Like the door stop alarm, volumetric devices work anywhere, so they are good safety devices for travelers; they are compact and easily taken with you.

Decoy safes cannot prevent an intrusion, but may keep your most valuable possessions safe during a robbery or home invasion. These are products made to look just like everyday groceries, books, or other common household items. Most robbers are not inside your home for long, and the better hidden your valuables are, the less likely they are to be stolen.

These are just a few of the most popular and easy to use home protection devices for home security. There are many products available on the market that help deter and prevent criminals and aid in keeping your children and yourself safe at home or away. Home security is something everyone should consider, whether you live in a large, crowded city with many witnesses, or in a small, quiet town with few or none. Prevention and awareness is key, and a few simple, inexpensive and easy to use home security products can make all the difference.

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