Securing a Wobbly Bookshelf

Bookshelves provide needed storage space for your books and keepsakes. They can display your diplomas and accomplishments as well as show the type of books you enjoy reading. If a bookshelf becomes unstable or wobbly, here are some actions you can take to stabilize it.

Balance the Bookshelf Items

Check to see if items placed on the bookshelf are balanced. A disproportionate weighting of books or other items could cause the wobble from one side of the bookshelf to another. Correcting this imbalance may help to stabilize the bookshelf without any additional actions. Organizing the bookshelf and removing books that are no longer needed may be helpful. You can donate these old books to charity and in many cases receive a charitable deduction.

Secure the Bookshelf

You may want to determine if the bookshelf is on even flooring. Use shims to even out spots that are low. Doing so will help secure the bookshelf and remove the wobble. You may also secure the bookshelf to the wall studs with screws. Doing so will provide the best support for the bookshelf and prevent it from toppling or creating a potential hazard for your home.