Securing an Above Ground Pool Ladder to a Pool

What You'll Need
Mounting Hardware

An above ground pool ladder is very useful when entering or exiting a swimming pool. While most of the above ground pool ladders are basic 'A' frame construction, there are those that attach to the pool for more stability. Some of the above ground pool ladders also secure to the deck portion of the pool.

Step 1: Determine Location

Before you lock your above ground pool ladder into place, make sure it is in the position where it is best suited. Make sure it is away from any filters and water jets. Also it should be away from the pump.

Step 2: Drill Hole for Hardware

On the top of the deck of the above ground pool mark the position of the mounting hardware. Remove these brackets and drill the holes with your drill.

Step 3: Mount Ladder on Railing

Set the mounting hardware on the railing and secure with the included nuts and bolts. Use the wrench to tighten the hardware down. Place the ladder in the mounting bracket and slide the retaining bolt through the handle. Tighten the bolt on the end so the ladder will stay secure.

Step 4: Install Cushions for Ladder Legs

On the bottom of the ladder is where small rubber cushions can be applied to keep the legs from digging into the liner. They simply press onto the legs.