Security Alarm

Homes, businesses and other buildings all benefit from the installation of a security alarm. Put in place to deter potential intruders as well as notify occupants and authorities in the event of a break-in, security alarms offer custom solutions for structures of all types. Whether a relatively simple 8-zone alarm setup or a comprehensive system with 200 zones to monitor, security alarms provide a greater sense of protection against a range of unexpected circumstances. With a security alarm in place, you can rest assured that the safety of your family, home or other property is well looked after.

Security Alarm Control Panel

All security alarms consist of a central control unit that links with a variable number of satellite components, including door and window sensors, motion detectors and even smoke alarms. Both hardwired and wireless systems are used, with the latter being easier to install since there are no wires and no retrofitting required. The control panel is accompanied by a keypad, a programming module which arms and disarms a system. Wireless units often combine the control panel with the keypad into a single unit.

Configuration Options

Home security alarms come with a number of initial zones the unit is capable of monitoring, commonly between 4 and 40. A system's maximum zone capacity determines how many total zones it can monitor, up to nearly 200 with some alarms. A security alarm will support a certain number of output devices from which expansion is possible.

Accessories and Features

A basic security alarm kit will provide the control module and a limited number of accessories. To fully monitor a home, additional magnetic sensors and detectors are necessary, which may be wired into the system or controlled wirelessly. Security alarms are often X10 compatible, allowing the system to control lights and other appliances. Other common features include programmable text and/or graphic keypad interface, built-in phone line, multiple user access code programming and a viewable event log to track movement in and out of the property.