Security Alarm System

Whether installed in a high rise or a personal residence, a security alarm system is designed to protect the property and/or safety of the occupants from break-ins, fire or another threat. Security alarm systems, specifically, are typically used to inform the proper authorities when a break-in is or has occurred. They come in numerous varieties, including commercial-grade alarm systems with hundreds or even thousands of monitoring points to less-complex home systems.

Basic System Types

For homes and small businesses, security alarm systems may be hardwired, hybrid or wireless. Hardwired systems need wiring that extends from the control panel to every zone. Although a home or business can be retrofitted for such a system, installation is easiest if done during building construction. Wireless systems are becoming the system-of-choice for many owners due to the relatively uncomplicated installation. Communicating via radio frequencies, wireless systems require no running of cable. Hybrid systems are combinations of the two.


Security alarm systems features are built to provide monitoring ability to a particular number of initial zones. Expansion is possible with most systems, allowing for increased monitoring capability. Among the features common to security alarm systems are multiple user codes, a viewable event log, a built-in 2-way voice system, X10 device compatibility, and with certain systems, an Internet Protocol connection allowing for a guaranteed line of communication between an alarm system and a central monitoring station.