Security and Storage Options for Your Electric Scooter Moped

a black moped in motion

Your electric scooter moped costs money and you want to keep it secure. If you need to store it you want it somewhere the elements won’t damage it. There are several options for this. The more you’re aware of the possibilities the easier it will be to keep your electric scooter moped safe and secure. By following them you should be sure no one steals your valuable machine and it lasts for years.


You need a good cable and lock for your electric scooter moped, and you have to make sure it’s in use whenever the electric scooter moped is parked. The chain should be covered with a heavy vinyl sleeve and needs to be at least 1 inch thick. The lock can either be keyed or combination.

You need something that can’t be sawn through, and where the lock cannot be easily picked. This will keep the electric scooter moped safe when you’re out using it and park at a store. However, at home you should also use it for an extra level of security. When you’re leaving the scooter stored for several months, removing the battery from the electric scooter moped and keeping it somewhere separate will prevent anyone stealing your machine.


When leaving your electric scooter moped outside overnight or in bad weather you should put a cover over it. Choose one that’s lightweight and waterproof and that can be tied under the scooter. This will stop it blowing away in the event of a heavy wind.

When you are ready to ride all you’d need to do is remove the cover and you’ll be able to ride in comfort as the cover will have keep the seat and the controls dry. If you’re leaving your scooter outside for a longer period you should buy a heavier cover. This will offer more protection to your electric scooter moped and keep it safe from the elements. Always keep your lock on the moped whenever it’s parked.


If you’re planning to store your electric scooter moped for the entire winter you’ll need somewhere indoors where you can keep it. A garage is ideal, although a shed will do as long as it’s large enough to accommodate the scooter.

Even in places like these, you should keep a cover on the moped. This stops dust forming on the scooter. That means less cleaning in the spring; you’ll just be able to remove the cover and ride. Remove the battery before storing. This will help the battery and also stop any corrosion around the terminals. Even though your moped is inside, keep it locked for that extra security. Even though it’s out of sight, the more you can do to deter thieves, the better.

If you have to store your electric scooter moped outside, remove the battery and secure the cover on the machine with a padlock. Keep the lock on the bike and possibly even add a second lock. These steps will help to keep your electric scooter moped secure and safe from all the elements.