Security Blinds: Installation and Optimal Uses Security Blinds: Installation and Optimal Uses

Security blinds are an increasing way of protecting homes and businesses from unwanted intruders. Home security has become big business in recent years, and people are turning to security companies for the installation of such protective methods. Security blinds can be both internal and external, but mainly they are used as external awnings which can be remotely controlled.


Installing security blinds is a very short and tidy process. It can usually be done in one day, and there is no mess left behind. The blinds can be self-installed, but it is better to have a professional do the job for you. If you do so, you will likely have an extended warranty, whereas if you install them yourself, you could be negating the very guarantee that is set by the manufacturer.

Unobtrusive and Efficient

Security blinds can be installed to appear unobtrusive. They can blend into the exterior appearance of the home so that they do not look obvious. They can also be color coded to match the exterior color of your home or building upon which they will be installed. The superior design of exterior security blinds also allows them to act as thermal insulation for draft exclusion. They close tight upon the windows, shutting out external drafts and cold weather. In the summer, they do the opposite and can act as heat deterrents by keeping the cool inside and the warm out. They tuck away inside their casing when not needed, and the remote control facility allows you to retract them from the comfort of your car.

Optimal Uses

Security blinds protect your home while you are just out for the day or away on vacation. Their strong metal construction is vandal proof, weather proof and highly durable. When you close the security blinds as you leave your home, you will be able to rest comfortably knowing that your valuables and your possessions are safely protected inside. Behind the aluminum construction defense perimeter, your belongings are unreachable. Some of the more sophisticated security blinds can have added facilities to allow you to time when the blinds and shutters come down. If you wish to set a clock to have them come up ten minutes before you arrive home, you can do so. It gives you added protection and peace of mind. You can protect your garage in the same way as the rest of your home by installing security blinds on the door too. Your existing garage door can remain functional, but the security blind will fit over the top of it as extra protection.

Shops and Businesses

Security blinds are seen quite often on the exterior of shops and businesses to protect the expensive equipment inside the building. Shop security is vitally important so that businesses do not get looted and burglarized. Every year, millions of dollars are lost on insurance claims, lost revenue and the cost of replacing the goods. Security blinds are an efficient way of locking down buildings and protecting them alongside an efficient alarm system, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

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