Security Door Installation: What You Should Know Security Door Installation: What You Should Know

Today, security door installation is one way for homeowners to provide the best security possible for their family and protect their belongings. Here are a few things to know as you consider this home improvement project.

Choosing a Security Door

When you choose a door, the first thing you need to know is the measurement of your current doorway. Standard door measurements are either 36 or 38 inches wide. If you have a non-standard door width, then you may need to special order a security door to fit your home.

Once you know the measurement of  your doorway, choose a door that fits in with the architectural style and color of your home and provides the security you need.  Often, exterior security doors are made of meshed steel, but other models are available. You can find catalogs of security doors at your home improvement center or from a security door dealer.

Installing a Security Door

Before you begin, make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

When you're ready, first install the posts in the frame that will hold your security door, starting with the hinged side and checking to make sure the door fits as you progress. Once you have the hinged side completed, then you can install the other sides of the frame, continuing to check that the door fits and will open and close.

Once you have the frame compete, get a friend to help you and put the entire frame and door up into the doorway and attach it to the existing frame. After getting the security door frame attached to your existing door frame, install a weather strip at the bottom of the doorway to prevent drafts and bugs from entering your home.

Security door installation is a simple process once you know the few steps needed to complete this homeowner do-it-yourself project.

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