Security Garage Doors vs Regular Doors

A home with a garage door.

Security garage doors have become very popular these days. Garages are great for numerous reasons, mostly for storage, home tasks, and projects. Garages pose several safety challenges, so you need to make sure that you have installed the safest and most secure door possible. You should always keep in mind that 40% of non-forced house entry crimes are through the garage door.


Until some years ago most garages had regular doors, made of all kinds of materials including wood, iron, steel, or even plastic. There is nothing wrong with this type of door as they are cost-effective and durable. Their only disadvantage is that compared to modern safety garage doors they are less durable and safe.


Typically, thieves need a few minutes to open a garage door. This means that you need to make it as hard as possible for the thieves to even try. If a thief knows that he or she will lose valuable time, they will not even approach the property. Sometimes, you need to install visual discouragement.

  • Steel Security Garage Doors: Security garage doors are usually made of steel and have a manual door opener that adds security at the expense of convenience. There are also security doors that allow you to lock them, but this means that each time you come home you need to unlock it and lift it yourself.
  • Remote Control Security Garage Doors: Until recently, doors with remote controls were considered totally safe. However, it was discovered that the vast majority of remotes use the same or similar programming codes. Thieves would be able to get remote transmitters to capture the programming code and enter everywhere and anywhere. In order to overcome this threat, companies introduced security garage doors with second-generation remote controllers that include rows of dip switches that are easy to change. Moreover, there are controllers and remotes with rolling codes, known as hopping codes.
  • Sectional Security Garage Doors: The safest garage doors are sectional ones, because when closed they don’t have any gaps that would allow forced entry. Security doors are heavier and thicker than regular doors and come with pre-installed electric operation that provides additional security. Most of them feature electric operators, such as a fingerprint recognition system, or a digital keypad that allows you to personalize your recognition system.

Regular doors used to have latching catches that could be easily flipped in no time from a potential burglar. Even the solid garage doors used in the past were resistant as long as their frame was solid enough. Today we know that garage doors available in the market can withstand even prolonged efforts and attacks from determined burglars and intruders. There is a certification that covers anti-intrusion and there are three types of these security garage doors - Class A, Class B, and Class C, where Class A has the best quality and Class C is considered last in terms of quality. You should always check the class of the security garage door you are about to buy and install, so as to ensure maximum security and protection.